Waistcoats for Men

Men's waistcoat provides an extra degree of style to your outfits. It can be worn with or without blazer and it is a primary garment to combine with your suits on special occasions or in your daily life. You can choose a vest shade similar to your suit but it can also be a contrasting piece and try different combinations. You choose, Hockerty makes it made to measure. Design your waistcoat and personalize it with all details.

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How and when to wear a Tweed Waistcoat

If you want to show off your style expertise to the world, invest in a tweed waistcoat. It’s a versatile piece that will always have you looking dapper, no matter how you style it. And there are truly so many ways to style it that you’ll never be bored! It’s a timeless piece that you can wear all year round for numerous occasions, and also one that will never go out of style. Tweed has been a staple in gentlemen’s wardrobes since the 19th century and the tradition is still going very strong. So, what are the best combinations for your tweed waistcoat?

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